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Great Simple Idea for Handling Preschoolers’ Balloon Animals   Leave a comment

Hello there! I’ve been entertaining at preschools for many years, and I just a new idea! I can’t believe that I had done this for so long and never seen it!

The staff hung up the children’s balloons by the overhead clips! It was very creative – and so simple. 

The children can look at all of the balloon twisting for the other kids also. The idea is that the kids can concentrate on their tasks for the rest of the day, and take home their own balloon that has been custom-made for them. It’s ready for them at the end of the day. And of course, the teachers have put their names on their own balloon also.

As you see, the balloon creations are not complex choices. There were about 70 kids, and each received one of these after the comedy show. ImageImageImage<a