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Magic Camp for Kids!   Leave a comment

This video shows the true wonder and amazement of kids with the art of magic. Our summer offerings include this workshop where kids learn and perform magic in front of their peers. Incredible fun! Call to schedule today!


Belief in Santa Claus – from the real guy!   Leave a comment

Belief in Santa

This is a guest blog written by Nick, whose been on our team for many years. Love these words . . .


I have been playing Santa Claus for close to 10 years now. People often wonder, does Santa really exist? I can assure you that he very much does. Whether it’s the magic, the history, the stories or the myth, I believe in him and so should you.

When I put on that Santa suit I’m no longer Nick (yes my name is Nick), instead I become so much more. I become an idea. I become something that warms the spirits of children young and old. Because we are all children, and we all need something to believe in. I become Santa Claus.

When I walk into that room with a big belly laugh and little girls and boys run to me screaming, “Santa”, arms outstretched for a hug, I know they aren’t looking at the strap holding my beard in place or the padding to accentuate my already accentuated belly; they see a kind old man who makes them happy, whose entire purpose is to bring them joy. Why would we not want to believe in someone like that?

When I answer children’s questions, the responses I give don’t feel like lies; they are the honest truth. I believe in them. It had never crossed my mind before that Dasher is terribly shy, Donder only likes to eat radishes, Comet wants to lead the reindeer team, when I make visits before Christmas I only bring three reindeer because I don’t need to travel as fast and it gives the others a time to rest, and I never bring Rudolph with me because his nose interferes with airplanes flying – but we have a special arrangement with pilots on Christmas Eve. They relish in the stories and so do I.

Christmas is a time to be joyful and spread cheer. Every year I am reminded of that when I see the glowing smiles on anyone who dares cross my path. Whether it be a shy 8 year old boy hiding behind his mother’s leg, or the 22 year old honking his horn at me as he drives past me with his girlfriend in the car, or the full grown man who is bringing his children to see Santa for the first time. When parents entrust me to hold their four month old daughter for a picture as she gurgles and spits wearing a bib reading “My first Christmas” or the group of three sisters, the youngest 89, sitting on my lap for almost nearly the hundredth time, I know that Santa defies any sense of age. You are never too old to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what you want for Christmas. And they whisper secrets in my ear they won’t tell another soul, and they draw me pictures I discreetly hand back to their parents, so they can include it in their scrap books. And they see me for what I wish I was all year long: a person who makes them smile.

Playing Santa is not a job, it is a privilege.

I remember my mother telling me when I was in my late teens that if I stopped believing in Santa he would stop bringing presents; I said I never doubted him for a minute. Just a few months ago, she told me that my brother and sister-in-law were considering telling my nephew, their soon to be 10 year old son, that Santa doesn’t exist; he is too old to still believe. I say let him keep believing in Santa as long as he wants. Santa represents everything good I want to be. I’m 32 years old and I still believe in Santa. And I always will.

Great Simple Idea for Handling Preschoolers’ Balloon Animals   Leave a comment

Hello there! I’ve been entertaining at preschools for many years, and I just a new idea! I can’t believe that I had done this for so long and never seen it!

The staff hung up the children’s balloons by the overhead clips! It was very creative – and so simple. 

The children can look at all of the balloon twisting for the other kids also. The idea is that the kids can concentrate on their tasks for the rest of the day, and take home their own balloon that has been custom-made for them. It’s ready for them at the end of the day. And of course, the teachers have put their names on their own balloon also.

As you see, the balloon creations are not complex choices. There were about 70 kids, and each received one of these after the comedy show. ImageImageImage<a


In the last few years, all I hear about is that someone is afraid of clowns. They say, “Don’t wear your clown makeup to my event — it might scare someone!” I think we might now have a society that does not know how to laugh and takes itself too seriously! Our society has movies, books and websites about evil clowns. I think our society does not know how to have hope – because it is much easier to tear down someone else’ efforts than put in their own effort.

It is certain that one rotten apple spoils the clown audience! American audience seems to only entertained by their ability to kick someone off the stage! The judges will pretty much always decide that there’s no talent.

Historically, clowns have been around since the dawn of time. Think court jesters of the dark ages. Even tribal communities have a fool character. And now people are claiming being afraid of clowns? What a fad fear. Guess who are the people who claim fear when I am in clown character in the community? Fear is not shown by young kids, but teenage girls and mothers in their late 20s. Can you say D-R-A-M-A? Maybe they are trying to put on a bigger show than I.

Please consider my clown character, “Pat in the Hat.” My clown has been around since the 90s. My clown sees children that loves clowns! The greater world will never see what I have seen I have seen – kids laughing and laughing till the walls came down. After literally entertaining for thousands and thousands of parties and special events, I have seen a world of kids that love clowns. I never see them go running or go for the hills because of their fears. Check me out at

I say let us play, let us hope! Let yourself laugh a bit instead of getting your shorts in a bunch!

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Balloons Last Forever (almost!)   1 comment

So it’s such a delight when someone has kept one of my balloon sculptures for a long time! I made an enormous balloon sculpture of a teddy bear for a great customers LAST SUMMER!! It’s been five months! She told me that she just took it down from its place in the office yesterday. That is a long “shelf life”!
Balloon creations have the capacity to stick around for a long time – maybe even longer than other toys! But care must be given if you wish a balloon animal to stick around for long time. It will hold the air, but it’s best to not touch the balloon. It will lose its shape quickly. Most people don’t know that balloons are a natural latex product, and do biodegrade even just with air.
Realistically, people value the memory behind the balloon animal. For example, the balloon artist makes a special sculpture for a child’s special request. The child values the special moment, the artist, as well as the cute sculpture. It is not the first or last time that a customer of mine has held onto a balloon sculpture for several months – – even though the memories last a lot longer!

Happy Holidays!   Leave a comment

Holiday parties have been a blast this season! We are in full swing doing corporate parties and private events. Between entertaining large crowds at the Defense Department, small software companies, private parties, and big computer giants, we’re busy!

Our most popular requests for entertainment this year are elves making balloons and the Santa Claus character. The most popular balloon requests made by children have been the reindeer balloon, snowman balloon, and the candy cane balloon. We’ve made a few penguins, but those are complicated. Special requests only!

Seasons greetings – Balloon Creations wishes you a great one this year!

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Balloon Creations, Working Hard for Better Events!   Leave a comment

“I plan to retire as a clown,” Pat confirms in spite of a desert economy. He says that he strives to add more value to his services rather than just lowering rates. For other entrepreneurs who survive on a commission based business, he says it’s all about “quality and training.” He knows his target audience and even turns down customers who are just looking for a cheap rate. He says, “We never claim to be the cheapest. People like us for our experience and quality.” While some tout lowering their prices, Pat in the Hat remains confident in his business, spending his time developing his performers’ talents even more.

If you would like to learn more about Balloon creations or book an event for a party go back to and see for yourself how Patrick and his team put on the best show in town.

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