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In the last few years, all I hear about is that someone is afraid of clowns. They say, “Don’t wear your clown makeup to my event — it might scare someone!” I think we might now have a society that does not know how to laugh and takes itself too seriously! Our society has movies, books and websites about evil clowns. I think our society does not know how to have hope – because it is much easier to tear down someone else’ efforts than put in their own effort.

It is certain that one rotten apple spoils the clown audience! American audience seems to only entertained by their ability to kick someone off the stage! The judges will pretty much always decide that there’s no talent.

Historically, clowns have been around since the dawn of time. Think court jesters of the dark ages. Even tribal communities have a fool character. And now people are claiming being afraid of clowns? What a fad fear. Guess who are the people who claim fear when I am in clown character in the community? Fear is not shown by young kids, but teenage girls and mothers in their late 20s. Can you say D-R-A-M-A? Maybe they are trying to put on a bigger show than I.

Please consider my clown character, “Pat in the Hat.” My clown has been around since the 90s. My clown sees children that loves clowns! The greater world will never see what I have seen I have seen – kids laughing and laughing till the walls came down. After literally entertaining for thousands and thousands of parties and special events, I have seen a world of kids that love clowns. I never see them go running or go for the hills because of their fears. Check me out at

I say let us play, let us hope! Let yourself laugh a bit instead of getting your shorts in a bunch!


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