Balloons Last Forever (almost!)   1 comment

So it’s such a delight when someone has kept one of my balloon sculptures for a long time! I made an enormous balloon sculpture of a teddy bear for a great customers LAST SUMMER!! It’s been five months! She told me that she just took it down from its place in the office yesterday. That is a long “shelf life”!
Balloon creations have the capacity to stick around for a long time – maybe even longer than other toys! But care must be given if you wish a balloon animal to stick around for long time. It will hold the air, but it’s best to not touch the balloon. It will lose its shape quickly. Most people don’t know that balloons are a natural latex product, and do biodegrade even just with air.
Realistically, people value the memory behind the balloon animal. For example, the balloon artist makes a special sculpture for a child’s special request. The child values the special moment, the artist, as well as the cute sculpture. It is not the first or last time that a customer of mine has held onto a balloon sculpture for several months – – even though the memories last a lot longer!


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